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Arabian Horse "MA Ferrari" 14 Oz White Travel Mug

Arabian Horse "MA Ferrari" 14 Oz White Travel Mug

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 Arabian Horse - The Ferrari of the Horse World


Arabian horses are the Ferraris of the horse world and are some of the most magnificent creatures on earth. With their sleek coats and long, flowing manes, they are a sight to behold. But what about the registered Arabian horse "MA Ferrari" himself?  Is he as wonderful as the beautiful cars he is named after?  We can say without a doubt -YES - that this Arabian horse - the Ferrari of the horse world is one of the most magnificent creatures on earth.

But what about the Arabian horses themselves? Are they really as wonderful as they seem? Well, in our opinion, absolutely! They're gentle giants with a natural grace that is truly unrivaled. Plus, their temperament is simply perfect – they're always so willing and able to go anywhere and do anything you ask of them.

Looking for a White Travel mug that is unique and stylish? Look no further than the Smiling Wombat Travel mugs! Our digitally printed design on high-quality Travel mugs is sure to make a statement.  

This mug features:

  • 14 oz. White Mug
  • Friction lid, swivel spout, and comfort handle
  • Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 2.9 x 3.375 (h x w x d) / 10.6 (circ.) inches

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We recommend hand washing this Mug
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Arabian Horse in the Moon Light

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