Scarab Sports Racer Ceramic Mug -White  - from Smiling Wombat
Scarab Sports Racer Ceramic Mug  - Black  - from Smiling Wombat

Scarab Sports Racer Ceramic Mug

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Classic 1958 Scarab Sports Racer Ceramic Coffe Mug

Reventlow Scarab - Beautiful Winning American sports racer from the 50s and 60s

Scarab Sports Racer - Smiling Wombat

 The Reventlow Scarab  is sometimes called "The Most Beautiful Sports Racer You Never Heard Of" 

In the 1950s several attempts had been made by American designers to prove that cars with big American V8s could compete with the European Ferraris, Maseratis, and Jaguars.  A few were somewhat successful such as Briggs Cunningham.
Enter Woolworth heir Lance Reventlow.  Reventlow approached some of the top Hot Rodders in California and asked them to design him a sports racer to compete in the professional sports car races in the United States.  The result was the Reventlow Scarab sports racer.
Reventlow had 3 cars built, one for himself and 2 to be driven by several other drivers.  Chuck Daigh, Augie Pabst, and Harry Heuer were the main drivers.
The Reventlow Scarab won many races in the late 50s and early 60s and is still being raced today in Vintage Races around the United States.
The ceramic coffee mugs are made of high-quality materials and are s perfect for any cold or hot drink of your choice.
Available in either White or Black and 11 or 15 Oz sizes

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