Collection: Favorites From Mrs. Wombat!

Mrs. Harvey Wombat has put together a collection of her favorites for you to enjoy

Hey there!

You will absolutely love the Smiling Wombat products! They are so colorful and cheerful, and the designs are really beautiful. You will especially love the Smiling Wombat designs. They are really inspiring. The aprons are also really practical and useful,
Overall, we highly recommend these products, and we're sure you'll love them too!

One morning Mrs. Wombat was enjoying breakfast with her husband Harvey at their house in Harvey, North Dakota.

 They were having their usual breakfast of Grape-Nuts which they really enjoy because they are crunchy like the food they used to eat in Australia.

 "Harvey Darling, said Dakota, I really like all the designs that we have put up on our Smiling Wombat store, but I would like to give you some ideas for some designs that are a little more in my idea of beautiful  and perhaps inspirational."

Harvey said, "That's a great idea why don't you get busy" 

So Dakota got busy and started working on some new Favorites T-Shirts, Coffee Cups, and even Aprons.   We will be adding new Favorites items as fast as Dakota can crank them out

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