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  • Marine Corps Veterans T-Shirt

    Show yourPRIDEin being aU.S. Marine Corp Veteran

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  • Honoring the U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran

    U.S. Army logo, honoring the U.S. Army Vietnam Veteran

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  • USAF Veterans T-Shirt

    Show your PRIDE in being a U.S. Air Force Veteran

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Cunninham C-4R

The Cunningham C-4R, created in 1952 for the Briggs Cunningham racing team, achieved 16 podium finishes, including 8 class wins and 2 overall victories from 1952 to 1956.

Three chassis built: two Spyders and a Coupé, each with a 5.5L Chrysler V8 engine.

Cunningham's C-4R stood out with 12 wins, 26 podiums, and 8 class victories in 51 races. First appeared in 1952 at SCCA. Secured 4th place in 1952 Le Mans.

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Alaska Railroad

Alaska Railroad offers a unique and unforgettable experience for those who wish to explore Alaska during its magical winter season. Northern Lights Alaska Train Tours and Alaska Railroad Vacations are two of their most popular offerings, which provide a combination of Northern Lights viewing with a journey on the Alaska Railroad Aurora Winter Train. Traveling on the train through thick blankets of snow during long dark nights provides the perfect setting for witnessing dazzling displays of the Northern Lights. Witness one of nature's greatest spectacles 

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