"How it all Began"

The Saga of “Harvey the Smiling Wombat”

Harvey was born in the most desolate part of the Australian outback to his loving parents Fred and Adrian Wombat.

Even though they did not have a lot of wealth, Fred and Adrian tried to give everything they could to their young wombat and, best of all, they encouraged Harvey to DREAM. 

As Harvey was growing up, he devoured every bit of information he could get his paws on, including books, asking questions of older Wombats and other animals in the forest.  Harvey’s favorite friend was his neighbor, Sidney the sloth.  Sidney was always hanging around and liked to dream a lot.

Sidney would tell Harvey of all the things that he would do…climb Mt. Everest, write books, write operas, be the best ever tennis player, and perhaps even be President.  However, he just did not have the time   and  then Sidney would go back to sleep, hanging by his toes, or just watch the animals scurrying around in the grass over head.

Harvey decided that he would do some of those things because he DID have the time.

As soon as Harvey was old enough,  against Fred and Adrian's wishes,  he set off to see the world he had read and dreamed about:

  • The Grand Canyon
  • The Rocky Mountains
  • Alaska
  • And maybe even Martinique in the Caribbean

Harvey needed a place to call home while he was exploring the world.  He discovered this little town in the state of North Dakota,  in the United States...the little town of "Harvey".  He thought the name fit himself perfectly.  This is how "Harvey the Smiling Wombat” settled down in the great state of North Dakota.

Harvey now travels the world looking for new and interesting things to offer on his website,  along with sharing his adventures.

Harvey is now sponsored by Ken and Pam Graser of Smiling Wombat.com.

Ken and Pam have over 60 years of combined experience working in the computer industry. 

Ken is an Air Force Veteran and worked for 18 years at Wang Labs as an engineer and manager.   Ken then worked in a consulting role for 20 years.  He has also developed web sites and worked as a System Administrator.

Pam worked for more than 20 years at Wang Labs in customer support roles, and supported the Canadian government Banyan systems, as well as other systems.

Together, Ken and Pam also owned and operated a T Shirt business for 12 years.  When they had printed 1,000,000 shirts, Ken and Pam decided they would sell the business and do something else. So now they sponsor a WOMBAT!

Almost all of our designs are UNIQUE to Smiling Wombat, created by our own talented crew.  We also follow the Smiling Wombat Family Friendly Pledge.

Pam, Ken and Harvey hope you enjoy your visit!