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Great Lamborghini Mousepad

Great Lamborghini Mousepad

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Great Lamborghini - Years of Great Super Cars

Ferruccio Lamborghini, a designer, and builder of tractors wanted to purchase a Ferrari.  When he couldn't get a car that he was satisfied with, he requested Enzo Ferrari to make modifications to the car to meet his demands.  Enzo emphatically said, "No Way" (in Italian of course).   
Lamborghini replied, "Alright I'll build my own car" (in Italian again).  Thus began the line of famous Great Lamborghini Italian cars.  Starting at first with V12 GT cars and then in 1967 the fantastic Muira V12 Mid-engined Super Car.  This car is now one of the most valuable and sought-after cars in the world. 
Lamborghini is now owned by VW and continues to produce beautiful and fast Great Lamborghini Super Cars.  
Just think, all of this started with a disagreement between two famous Italian manufacturers.
This design, showing the progress of the Great Lamborghini cars, is digitally printed on a high-quality heavyweight mouse Pad!
These are not lightweight thin mousepads like you get at discount stores and dollar stores.  These mousepads are a full 1/4" thick and made of high-quality dense rubber with an image printed on a surface made to show images in brilliant full color and last for years to come.  You will love the quality.
You need to click on the "Add to Cart" button now to get your really neat Great Lamborghini mouse pad.   You won't be sorry!
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