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A Female Elephant Mom and Baby enjoying a drink - Classic White Shirt Collection

A Female Elephant Mom and Baby enjoying a drink - Classic White Shirt Collection

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Female Elephant Mom Protects her Baby while having a drink

Did you know that elephants are the largest land animals in existence? There are currently three recognized species: the African Bush Elephant, the African Forest Elephant, and the Asian Elephant. All elephants share distinctive characteristics, including a long proboscis called a trunk, tusks, large ear flaps, strong legs, and tough but sensitive skin. Elephants use their trunks to breathe, eat, drink, and pick up objects. Their tusks, which come from their incisor teeth, serve as both weapons and tools for moving and digging. Their ear flaps help regulate body temperature and communication, while their strong legs support their massive weight. Elephants inhabit sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia, and can be found in various environments such as savannas, forests, deserts, and marshes. These herbivores tend to stay near water sources. As keystone species, they have a significant impact on their surroundings. Sadly, African bush and Asian elephants are endangered, while African forest elephants are critically endangered due to factors like the ivory trade, which fuels poaching for their tusks. 

Smiling Wombat is proud to offer a T-Shirt featuring a mother elephant and her baby, with the phrase "Only Elephants Should Own Ivory". This T-Shirt is not only stylish and comfortable for everyday wear but also sends a meaningful message against elephant poaching. It is digitally printed on 100% cotton material. By purchasing this shirt, you can show your support for the protection of elephants and their habitats.

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