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Formula One Lotus 25 | 1963

Formula One Lotus 25 | 1963

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1963 Formula One Lotus 25

This Grand Prix Heritage T-Shirt features the Formula One Lotus 25 of 1963.
 This car won the 1963 World Championship driven by Jim Clark of Scotland.
This T-Shirt showing the Formula One Lotus 25 of 1963 is digitally Printed on a Premium 100% cotton shirt!
This 100% Cotton shirt is available in White, Daisy, Light Blue, Royal Blue, and Sport Grey.
Sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL
This Formula One Lotus 25 was a groundbreaking car from 1963 and you need to add it to your collection!
Click the "Add to Cart" Button Now to get your Formula One Lotus 25!
*For best durability, we recommend washing inside out using cool water!
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