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BMW 3.0 CS - T-Shirt and Tote Bags

BMW 3.0 CS - T-Shirt and Tote Bags

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This is the Classic and Iconic BMW 3.0 CS on T-Shirts and Special Price, Matching, tote bags.

BMW basically built the perfect car with the BMW 3.0 CS coupes. It did its job perfectly. It was pretty to look at from the outside, and pretty to look at from the inside. It was engaging to drive and it was comfortable. It was stylish and it was desirable. It was technically advanced but still easy to own.

Smiling Wombat offers this BMW 3.0 CS design of this Beautiful Car, digitally printed on 100% cotton T-Shirts and handy Tote Bags.  We are offering the Tote Bags at a reduced price of $15.   So now you can have a BMW 3.0 CS T-Shirt with a matching Tote Bag!

T-Shirts are available in Premium Adult and Kids' Sizes

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