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Camaro SS - Classic Chey Pony Car

Camaro SS - Classic Chey Pony Car

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Camaro SS Classic Pony Car -  American Muscle

On June 28, 1966, General Motors announced the Classic Pony Car, the  Camaro SS, and claimed the name, "suggests the comradeship of good friends as a personal car should be to its owner" and that "to us, the name means just what we think the car will do... go."

When the Camaro SS name was then unveiled.  The automotive press asked Chevrolet product managers, "what is a Camaro?" and were told it was "a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs, an obvious reference to the extremely successful Mustang that created and dominated the Classic Pony Car market GM was entering.


They went on to compete successfully on drag strips, and road courses throughout the world.  From Daytona to Sebring to Road America this Classic Pony Car was a winner.


The Classic Camaro SS Pony Car was also a good driving around the neighborhood and cross-country car.  It was and is indeed a Classic Pony Car loved by one and all.


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