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Classic Delahaye135M Cabriolet - Mouse Pad

Classic Delahaye135M Cabriolet - Mouse Pad

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Classic Delahaye  1939 135M Cabriolet

 Delahaye was founded back in the early days of the automobile in 1894 in the city of Tours in central France. The company was named for its founder, Émile Delahaye, a French engineer who had a particular interest in automobile racing.

Delahaye made the powered rolling chassis for the Classic Delahaye 1939/139, it was then sent out to have a body fitted. The companies that built 139 bodies are an impressive list of French coachbuilding – names like Henri Chapron, Faget-Varnay, Figoni & Falaschi, Jacques Saoutchik, Marcel Pourtout, and many more.

When the Classic Delahaye 135, which the Delahaye 1939/139 was based on, was released in 1935 it proved immediately successful, and it helped to launch Delahaye back to the forefront of the performance motoring world.

The Classic Delahaye 1939/139 was available in both street and racing versions.  The Smiling Wombat design shows a street version.

The Racing version raced at many important venues including the 24 Hours of LeMans which it won in 1938.

These are not lightweight thin mousepads like you get at discount stores and dollar stores.  These mousepads are a full 1/4" thick and made of high-quality dense rubber with an image printed on a surface made to show images in brilliant full color and last for years to come.  You will love the quality.

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