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B58 Hustler Bomber - Classic White T-Shirt Collection

B58 Hustler Bomber - Classic White T-Shirt Collection

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Convair B58 Hustler Bomber 

Part of Smiling Wombat's New "Wings of Dreams" collection of iconic aircraft.  This T-Shirt shows the Beautiful B58 Hustler Bomber.

 Wings of Dreams B-58

This iconic aircraft was the first ever used by the United States Strategic Air Command (SAC), boasting an impressive Mach 2 top speed. As the cornerstone of the SAC, the B58 Hustler Bomber had the crucial role of defending the U.S. from potential attacks by the Soviet Union. Throughout the nation, dedicated members of the Air Force manned SAC sites, demonstrating their unwavering commitment. In honor of their sacrifice, Smiling Wombat offers a classic white T-Shirt featuring the "Wings of Dreams" design. Don't wait to grab yours - this limited-edition shirt is only available from Smiling Wombat and is made of top-quality 100% cotton. Choose white and click "Add to Cart" to get your very own "Strategic Air Command" B58 Hustler Bomber shirt today.
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