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Gee Bee - Fabulous Super Sportsters Air Racers - Classic White T Shirts

Gee Bee - Fabulous Super Sportsters Air Racers - Classic White T Shirts

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"Gee Bee" Super Sportsters were designed to be the fastest landplane in the world



The Gee Bee, built in 1932, sought to harness the power of two air races: Thompson Trophy and Bendix Trophy races. Intended to be the fastest racing plane ever, the Gee Bee saw success when Jimmie Doolittle won 252.686 mph in the Thompson Trophy race in Cleveland in 1933. While in Cleveland, Doolittle competed in an F.A.I. three-kilometer speed dash sponsored by Shell Oil Co., achieving a staggering 293.193 mph average, yet did not make the official record due to an absent barograph. Doolittle's final run, though close to record-setting, was marked with trepidation by bystanders as they thought he would hit some nearby trees. Unfortunately, his Gee Bee later failed in other races due to its challenging handling. Fans of early aviation or unique planes will love a shirt depicting this historic plane! A great gift for any aviation enthusiast.


This design is digitally printed, for maximum comfort, on 100% cotton Ts .This shirt is waiting to be part of your wardrobe so click on the "Add to Cart" button now to get your Gee Bee

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