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SR-71 "Black Bird" Famous Spy Plane - Classic White Shirt Collection

SR-71 "Black Bird" Famous Spy Plane - Classic White Shirt Collection

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SR-71 "Black Bird" U.S.A.F High Speed and High Altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft

SR-71 Shirt Collection from Smiling Wombat


The SR-71 "Black Bird" was created as a secret Lockheed A-12 reconnaissance aircraft project during the 1960s. Kelly Johnson, an American aerospace engineer, was behind many of its revolutionary features. The profile of the plane was based on the A-12, which was one of the earliest planes planned with minimal radar detection. Deployment of the SR-71 began in January 1966.
Support U.S.A.F's iconic SR-71 "Black Bird" with Smiling Wombat's exclusive White Shirt Collection. Each design honors this extraordinary aircraft and honors the courageous airmen and women who flew it. All garments are made from premium-grade material and feature exclusive designs only found at Smiling Wombat.
Order today to demonstrate your appreciation for this incredible aircraft!



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