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Crater Lake National Park - Mouse Pad

Crater Lake National Park - Mouse Pad

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Crater Lake National Park - Mouse Pad

Harvey thought he would like to share the memories of his travels with his friends.

He decided that a "Mouse Pad" would be a good way to do that.  Here is one showing one of his favorite places.

Crater Lake National Park


Crater Lake National Park is situated in southern Oregon and was designated an American national park in 1902. Ranking fifth in terms of age, it is the only national park in Oregon and encompasses the volcanic crater of Mount Mazama, plus the surrounding hills and forests. These mousepads are the strongest 1/4" thick, made of dense rubber, and boast vibrant, full-color images. You'll relish the long-lasting reliability and quality of craftsmanship.


Harvey is sure you will enjoy using this colorful Crater Lake National Park mouse pad.

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