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Elva 300-002 Famous Formula Car - "She Goes" T-Shirt Collection

Elva 300-002 Famous Formula Car - "She Goes" T-Shirt Collection

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Elva 300-002 Rare Formula Junior/Ford Race Car

"She Goes"

Elva 300-Smiling Wombat

Here's a fun fact: Did you know that British sports car maker Elva takes its name from the French word "She Goes" (Elle Va!)? If you know your cars, chances are you do know this useless trivia, because, for many car enthusiasts, and for many car geeks it’s the only thing that is widely known about this small marque that existed in various forms between 1955 and 1968. . The man behind Elva is Bexhill-based garage owner Frank Nicols, who loved to race.

Elva developed many different sports racers before getting into formula racing. Originally the front-engine formula junior car, and finally the Elva 300 FJ. It's a rear-engined car that's thought to be the lowest formula junior of Its time at only 24 inches high.
Only 6 of these cars were produced. This is car number 002 driven by Colorado native Daryl Wilson. The car, at this time, had been converted to Formula Ford specification and used a Ford engine.
Of the six built, only a few still exist and can sometimes be seen in historic races in the US and UK.
These t-shirts are one of a kind and only available from Smiling Wombat! The graphics are very well done, and the shirt is very comfortable and digitally printed on a premium 100% cotton T-Shirt.  We highly recommend this Elva "She Goes"  shirt to anyone who loves classic British race cars!

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Daryl Wilson
Elva tees.

Happy with my shirt. Great quality.

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