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Family Farm - Memories of the vanishing American Tradition - T-Shirts

Family Farm - Memories of the vanishing American Tradition - T-Shirts

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The Family Farm a Rapidly Vanishing American Tradition

Today, few are able to step outside on a warm summer morning and hear hens clucking contentedly and cattle lowing in the field. Nor are they able to walk to the garden and pull up fresh carrots, harvest succulent lettuce, and pick tomatoes from the vine. This way of life on the Family Farm is rapidly disappearing...

Gone for most are the days when farmers would work together with their families to feed the cows or harvest that year’s crop of wheat and corn from the Family Farm.

Youngsters, after finishing their chores, no longer run down to the lake, straddle the branch of a large willow, lean back against the trunk, and spend an idyllic hour watching the turtles and fish or ride bareback on their favorite old farm horse across the fields.
Gone are the evening meals where families recounted the day’s accomplishments of using the Rake or the Mower on the Family Farm.

A whole class is being lost, and with it, iconic barns, for the kids to play in the haymow, and sprawling rural landscapes are fading at an alarming rate. The concept of a small family farm—one that has been owned and operated by one family for possibly several generations—has been all but destroyed.

This unique shirt design is available only from Smiling Wombat and shows an old abandoned farmhouse and a rusting old farm implement.  If you are at all interested in American history this will be a great addition to your wardrobe to wear on any occasion.  You will really love this shirt! The design is so cool and it's a great way to show your support for American Tradition. We're sure you'll be wearing it a lot.

Digitally printed on premium 100% cotton T-Shirts for maximum comfort and wearability.  Available in various colors and standard sizes.


You will want this very unique shirt from Smiling Wombat so click the "Add to Cart" button now to get yours honoring the Family Farm.

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