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Grand Mesa - Dusty Road on The Grand Mesa - Mouse Pad

Grand Mesa - Dusty Road on The Grand Mesa - Mouse Pad

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Grand Mesa - Waiting for the Stage Coach in the Old West - Mouse Pad


Situated near Grand Junction, Colorado, Grand Mesa is located in the Colorado National Monument and boasts picturesque roadways reminiscent of old Wild West stagecoaches. Surrounded by sheer-walled canyons featuring striking sandstone, granite, gneiss, and schist formations, this high-altitude desert area on the Colorado Plateau is home to rich forests of pinyon and juniper with a variety of wildlife, including red-tailed hawks, eagles, ravens, jays, desert big horned sheep, and coyotes. Visitors enjoy the natural history museum and gift shop at the Westside visitor center, as well as scenic trails and Rim Rock Drive, which winds around the plateau. Nearby are the Book Cliffs and Grand Mesa, the world’s largest flat-topped mountain.
Our mousepad is 1/4" thick and features a high-quality, dense rubber construction able to showcase the image in vibrant, long-standing color
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