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Llamas-Twin Llamas Chuck and Lenny - T-Shirt

Llamas-Twin Llamas Chuck and Lenny - T-Shirt

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Llamas - Twins Wearing Sweaters - T-Shirts

Harvey and Dakota were wondering what to raise on their farm in North Dakota and after a lot of thought, they decided to raise Llamas.

When they got their Llamas they found out that Llamas have a bad habit of spitting on people and Wombats.  They learned to watch carefully to make sure the Llamas didn't get them.  They decided that was just their way of showing affection.

The next thing they discovered was the North Dakota winters were a bit harsh for their Llamas.  Right away Dakota got busy and started knitting sweaters for all of the LLamas.  It was a lot of work but she was happy to do it.  The LLamas were also happy and didn't spit on them for at least a week.

Here are Chuck and his twin brother Lenny modeling their brand new sweaters and showing how proud they are of them.

Chuck and Lenny would love to come and visit your house, especially if you warm them up with some hot Coffee or Chocolate.

This design is digitally printed on 100% cotton T-Shirts for maximum comfort and wearability.  You will be proud to add this to your wardrobe so you can wear it often to all your casual events.

These are great for kids as well as adults.  Anyone who likes a cute design.

Click on the "Add to Cart" button now to invite Chuk and Lenny to join you.



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