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Mark Donohue Porsche 917 30 - Can-Am Killer - Classic White Shirt Collection

Mark Donohue Porsche 917 30 - Can-Am Killer - Classic White Shirt Collection

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Mark Donohue Porsche 917 30 - When 1000 Horsepower Just Isn't Enough!


In 1973, Porsche aimed to bolster their U.S. sales by dominating the Can-Am Series. From this ambition, the iconic Porsche 917 30 Can-Am was born. Fabled to have an astounding 1500+ horsepower, it earned its moniker - the "Can-Am Killer" - due to its unprecedented success and contribution to the eventual demise of the series. With a twin-turbocharged air-cooled engine, Mark Donohue took 6 out of 8 races in 1973, solidifying the 917 as one of the most legendary and impressive racers of all time. Represent your appreciation for vintage sportscars with this digitally printed cotton shirt. Comfort, durability, and style are all guaranteed; plus, it makes a great gift for passionate motorsport fans. Available in different sizes. It is the perfect pairing for your go-to jeans, shorts, sneakers, or jacket.


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Upgrade your wardrobe and bring in the top-speed angst of the Porsche 917 to your ensemble.
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