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Mclaren M8B Can-Am Race Car - T-Shirt Collection

Mclaren M8B Can-Am Race Car - T-Shirt Collection

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McLaren M8B Famous Can-Am  Race Winning Car

Can-Am started as a race series for group 7 sports racers, with two races in Canada and four races in the United States of America. The series was originally sponsored by Johnson Wax. The series is governed by the rules under the FIA Group 7 category and the engine is not restricted in capacity and some other technical limitations.
Group 7 categories are essentially free equations for sports cars; these regulations are minimal, allow unlimited engine size (and allow turbo and supercharging), virtually unlimited aerodynamics, and are compatible with as close as any major international racing series ever got to having an "anything goes" policy. . It can be used as long as the car has a two-seat body that surrounds the wheels and meets basic safety standards.
SCCA sports car racing has grown in popularity with European manufacturers and drivers, and the American Road Racing Championship for high-volume sports racers has culminated in the 7-group Can-Am series. There are good bonuses and appearance fees and lots of trade support; the series was lucrative for its rivals, but ultimately led it to end up producing a truly outrageous car with over 1000 hp (the Porsche team claims the power of its 917/30 in qualifying trim(1500 hp).  Wings' active downforce generation, its very lightweight produced unheard of speed.
From 1967 to 1972, McLaren dominated Can-Am; everyone else was fighting for third place. The design shows the McLaren M8B on Elkhart Lake's "Road, America".

These T-shirts are unique and only available from Smiling Wombat! The graphics are very well done and the shirt is very comfortable and digitally printed on premium 100% cotton T's. We would highly recommend this Mclaren shirt to anyone who loves vintage race cars.

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