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Mondays Get Me Down - Harvey's Friend the "Sloth" Black/Navy T-Shirt

Mondays Get Me Down - Harvey's Friend the "Sloth" Black/Navy T-Shirt

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Mondays Get Me Down - Sloths Don't Really Care for Mondays!

Harvey's friend the "Sloth" gave him a lot of good advice but he always said that Mondays Get Me Down, or any other day for that matter.  So he just kept hanging around in his favorite tree watching the clouds go by underfoot.

If you feel the same way that Mondays Get Me Down, like most of us, you can have a Colorful T-Shirt that will let everyone know how you feel.  Hopefully, the rest of the days of the week will be more productive for you than the "Sloth".

 This T-Shirt is digitally printed on a 100% Cotton Heavyweight shirt.
This design is available only from "Smiling Wombat"!
This is a T-Shirt that everyone will enjoy!
Available in Black and Navy.
Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2X-Large.
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*For best durability, we recommend washing inside out using cool water!
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