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Pontiac GTO - Pioneer American Muscle Car

Pontiac GTO - Pioneer American Muscle Car

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Pontiac GTO - Iconic American Muscle Car

The fabulous Pontiac GTO is one of the most iconic and collectible American Muscle Cars of all time.

The "GOAT", as it is often called, is considered by many as the greatest car Pontiac ever made.  The Beach Boys even sang about it. 
The Pontiac GTO was created by replacing the small engine in the Pontiac Tempest with a powerful V8.  Now you have the Pontiac GTO a pioneer American Muscle car.
Smiling Wombat offers this Pontiac GTO design digitally printed on Premium 100% cotton T-Shirts and Premium Crewneck Sweatshirts.
Part of the Smiling Wombat "Dream Cars" collection this will be everyone's favorite
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