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Porsche Can Am 917 30- The Can-Am Killer

Porsche Can Am 917 30- The Can-Am Killer

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Porsche Can Am 917 30-When 1000 Horsepower Just Isn't Enough!


In 1973, Porsche decided it would best help their sales in the United States if they won the Can-Am Series. From there, an iconic star and historical piece of art came to life.

Mark Donohue's Porsche 917 30 Can-Am was designed for success. With a reported 1500+ horsepower, its power was so potent that the series was eliminated - earning it the moniker “Can-Am Killer”.

This vehicle boasts a twin-turbocharged, air-cooled engine. Mark Donohue's 6 wins out of 8 races in the 1973 season have made it one of history's most impressive and aesthetically stunning racers.

Easily tagged as one of the finest racing cars across the globe after its legendary and Cup-quashing glory, the Porsche 917 has raised the bar.

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