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Majestic Rearing Horse collection - T-Shirts

Majestic Rearing Horse collection - T-Shirts

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A Beautiful Horse Rearing is a Majestic Sight 

Beautiful Rearing Horse with full moon - Smiling Wombat

The sight of a magnificent horse rearing in the moonlight is a gift. To understand the beauty animals bring to our lives, we must appreciate the wonder of each animal. Horses have served man for all of eternity and they have shown loyalty and love. We could explain all the muscles need to create this horse in this pose, but a technical dissertation is not what makes it beautiful. Rather, it is the sheer sight in the moonlight that strikes our emotions. The beauty of this horse is part sight and part dream.

We absolutely love this t-shirt! It's so comfortable and we feel so proud to wear it.  We grew up around horses and love them so much, and this shirt perfectly represents our love for them. You will wear this 100% premium cotton t-shirt with pride.  It is a way for you to show others what you like and maybe meet other horse lovers.   We don’t know about you, but when we are wearing one of Mrs. Wombat's favorite t-shirts, we walk just a little straighter so everyone can see it. We're definitely going to buy one for ourselves.

Digitally printed on 100% cotton T's for maximum comfort and wearability.  You will want to add this shirt to your wardrobe.

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