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Rhino Horns are Not Medicine - Rhino Mouse Pad

Rhino Horns are Not Medicine - Rhino Mouse Pad

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The Horn belongs to the Rhinocerous

Rhino Mousepad

Poachers hunt Rhinoceroses for their horns, which are subsequently sold for high prices in the black market, driving the species to endangered status. China and Vietnam fuel the rhino horn market with wealthy consumers using it in traditional Chinese medicine. However, rhino horns are made of keratin - the same material as hair and nails - and research has yet to prove its health benefits. The 1970s and 80s were marked by a hefty demand for rhino horns in Yemen, often for decorative dagger handles. Here at "Smiling Wombat," we're firm in our stance against poaching these majestic animals. Rhinos are herbivores, living in the wild on grasses, leaves, and vegetation. Legends also speak of Rhinoceroses saving forests from fires, a theory popularized in the 1980 classic "The Gods Must Be Crazy" depicting an African rhino putting out two campfires. Research has yet to validate these tales in recent years.

These are not lightweight thin mousepads like you get at discount stores and dollar stores.  These mousepads are a full 1/4" thick and made of high-quality dense rubber with an image printed on a surface made to show images in brilliant full color and last for years to come.  You will love the quality.

Be sure to order this great Mouse Pad by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button now.  You can then enjoy this Rhinocerous as you use your computer.



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