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Shoebill Mouse Pad

Shoebill Mouse Pad

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Giant "Shoebill" Bird from Africa



The Shoebill Stork is a really majestic bird that hails from Africa and is not to be forgotten. It stands up to 4 feet tall, with a wingspan of 8 feet, and boasts an unmistakable bill that looks like a wooden shoe. Surprisingly, 85% of its day is spent preening or motionless, revealing its rather laid-back demeanor. For those who are fond of birds, the Shoebill Stork is certainly an intriguing sight worth seeing.

At Smiling Wombat, we celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of the Shoebill Stork. We offer a range of products that feature this majestic bird, including Mouse Pads, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, and Hoodies.   Our designs capture the essence of the Shoebill Stork, conveying its strength, grace, and resilience. Whether you're a nature enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of wildlife, our Shoebill Stork Mouse Pads are sure to delight and inspire.
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