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Trick or Treat - Smiling Wombat "Trick or Treat" T-Shirt

Trick or Treat - Smiling Wombat "Trick or Treat" T-Shirt

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Trick or Treat

Harvey "Trick or Treat" Halloween T-Shirt

Harvey doesn't know what Trick or Treat  Means!








Everyone told Harvey that he should go Trick or Treating on Halloween, but he didn't know what that was.  His friends told him that to Trick or Treat you dress up and go to your neighbor's door and try to scare them if they don't give you a treat.

Harvey dressed up as the scariest thing he knew, a Koala, and went out.  Then he saw a black cat dressed up as a Witch.  It scared him so much he ran home and hid under his bed.   So much for Treat or Treat!

This colorful 100% cotton T-Shirt has a digitally printed  design for brilliant color and long-lasting durability
Available in Adult and Kids Sizes.
Colors:  White, Daisy, Light Blue, Royal Blue, and Sport Grey
Now that fall is here be sure to click on the "Add to Cart" button to get your Trick or Treat t-shirt
*For best durability, we recommend washing inside out using cool water!
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