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Tybee Island Historic Lighthouse - T Shirt Collection

Tybee Island Historic Lighthouse - T Shirt Collection

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Historic Lighthouse on Tybee Island - T-Shirt Collection

Tybee Island T-Shirts

In 1732 General James Oglethorpe Governor of the 13th Colony, Georgia, ordered the construction of the Tybee Island Lighthouse which has guided sailors safely into the Savannah River for more than 285 years. Tybee Island Lighthouse is one of the most complete lighthouses in the United States with all the historic Support of its three-acre building. Rebuilt several times the current lighthouse displays the 1916 logo with 178 steps and a first-order Fresnel lens.
The wooden staircase and the top 40 feet of the tower were destroyed during the Civil War in 1861 when Confederate troops retreating to Fort Pulaski set the tower on fire to prevent Confederate troops from using it to guide their ships into the port.
After the Civil War, the Lighthouse Agency began rebuilding the Tybee Lamp. The lower sixty feet of the old lighthouse were still intact and it was decided to re-add to the existing structure. The lighthouse is now a primary station made of masonry and metal if only. It is completely fireproof. This is the beacon that stands today. 
These T-shirts are amazing and only available from Smiling Wombat! The graphics are very well done and the shirt is very comfortable and digitally printed on premium 100% cotton T's. We would highly recommend this shirt to anyone interested in the history of lighthouses.

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