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U.S. Navy Avenger - Black/Navy T-Shirt

U.S. Navy Avenger - Black/Navy T-Shirt

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U.S. Navy Avenger

Torpedo Bomber - T-Shirt

Part of the New "Wings of Dreams" collection of iconic aircraft.  This T-Shirt shows The Famous U.S. Navy Avenger World War II Torpedo Bomber.



The U.S. Navy Avenger was used in the "Battle of Midway" in World War II.   The U.S. Navy Avenger was instrumental in sinking the super battleships "Yamato" and "Musashi" and was also credited with sinking 30 submarines.

A Smiling Wombat "Wings of Dreams" T-shirt that will be enjoyed by everyone.
These T-Shirts are Digitally Printed on 100% Cotton Heavyweight Shirts
Therefore you need to get YOUR U.S. Navy Avenger today!
This T-Shirt is available in Black and Navy
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*For best durability, we recommend washing inside out using cool water!
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