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Zephyr - First Streamlined Diesel Train - T Shirt Collection

Zephyr - First Streamlined Diesel Train - T Shirt Collection

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Burlington Zephyr was the first and fastest streamlined diesel train, setting a speed record.

 The Burlington Zephyr holds a special place in the history of train travel. It was not only the first streamlined diesel passenger train but also achieved a remarkable speed record on its route between Denver and Chicago.

 This iconic train revolutionized the industry with its sleek and modern design. To pay homage to this legendary locomotive, Smiling Wombat has created a T-shirt collection featuring a digitally printed classic design. Crafted from high-quality 100% cotton, these shirts come in both classic and premium styles, ensuring both comfort and style.

 Show your appreciation for this engineering marvel with the Burlington Zephyr T-shirt collection from Smiling Wombat.

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